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January 21, 2022 
U-ICON Editorial  

The Voice


We doubted. 

Whether we wanted to write about this shocking news case. But we do it because we think that some aspects are underexposed that we want to supplement.

This is a week that is constantly dominated by the abuses at The Voice of Holland, and that will continue for a while. We have had discussions with each other and at school about this problem.

The news was getting worse by the day and everyone had an opinion about it. It is absolutely wrong what is going on. All in all, we do think that many just want to clout over someone else’s back. That means wanting a lot of attention and influence.

The Boos episode is sad and unbelievable. What surprises us is how you can inappropriately grope children aged 13 and 14 unseen?

Do parents not supervise their children? Don’t children tell their parents or someone else? Why don’t children feel safe to tell their parents something like that? To be clear, we’re not talking good. We think and ask critical questions.

‘Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand but you don’t.’

Sadiya Arooba

Zero Tolerance

Understand us well. Zero Tolerance applies to (sexual) behaviour. But if there is still research to be done, we think it is important not to judge too harshly. Because otherwise we will destroy someone’s life prematurely without knowing exactly what’s going on.

Nowadays everyone decides for themselves what transgressive behavior is.

It is of course unwise as a coach to make private contact with candidates. That is unprofessional and already exceeds a dangerous limit at that moment.

You are asking for trouble because young people look up to you and they have expectations about their career. Contact outside the program is a no go.

‘Sin can bring pleasures, but never happiness.’

R.C. Sproul   


Parents and educators have a duty to properly educate their children when they participate in a program or any other part of their daily lives.

Parents also have a responsibility to guide children and young people. For protection and safety.

We must be told early and clearly that not everyone has good intentions. So distance is necessary. Even if you are impressed by anyone, keep thinking about what could happen. You have to learn that from someone anyway.

It is crucial that parents teach children that they cannot trust anyone. Young people should know that they should be reserved with strangers. Because even though we ‘know’ the coaches from TV or anyone else online, they are and remain strangers to us.

Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly

‘What you see is usually not what you get.’ Have we learned nothing from the recent events surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly in America? And of all the ‘Me Too’ movement?

Transgressive behavior doesn’t just happen in America. It’s happening all over the world. It is super naive to think that the Netherlands is exempt from this rottenness.

It doesn’t just happen in the media either, it happens in many companies. Every day someone is raped everywhere. It’s about what we will do in the future to prevent all this fucked up shit and grief in media companies and beyond.

Underexposed news

Four-year-old Dean was murdered by a man who was in a relationship with a Dutch woman, the girlfriend of Dean’s mother. She appears to have told lies to protect her boyfriend. This child has been murdered. That is horrific and breaks your heart.

Such important news remains completely underexposed due to such a week of constant madness about the Voice. While a child is murdered. Is transgressive behavior worse than murder?

We both think it deserves equal attention. All media are feasting on The Voice misery. Gossip is different from news. Thrill seekers will do anything for the ratings.

While transgressive behavior can also have happened in other programs or media companies with young people, women or men that we don’t know about yet. The balance in the media and the daily news has completely disappeared.


Well done production from Boos. This must be pointed out. But The Voice has also given many talents a stage and brought many fun. So let’s all find some balance again, instead of constantly feasting on disaster around The Voice and other people’s troubles.

Let’s focus on solving in the form of legal rules, company rules and compliance with these rules so that these problems can be prevented. And let’s also wait for the judge’s rulings if these cases come to a criminal trial in court, before we judge harshly.

So that we know exactly what happened and what punishment the perpetrator deserves. The perpetrators need professional help because there is something very wrong with them.

In addition, men should be raised more consciously by their parents about crossing boundaries as it is usually men who do this. Fathers and mothers both play an important role in this.

Sexual norms and values, no is no and how you approach and treat each other, boys and girls have to learn early while growing up. Not until they are 15 or 16 years old.

In our opinion, we can only contribute to the prevention of (sexual) transgressive behavior through education at home, primary school, work and zero tolerance campaigns from the government that are regularly repeated.

Perpetrators will not turn themselves in. It usually doesn’t become known until victims share it.

Peace & Happiness

We think John de Mol is misunderstood by many. We think people focus more on his distant demeanor than on what he actually says. There is a lot of twisting.

We hope for all innocent and brave victims that they can find peace & happiness in their lives again. That they get the help & love they need to pick up their lives in a positive way.

‘Set peace in your mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.’

Brian Tracey 

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