U-ICON believes it is time for a change in the mainstream media. Young people are not sufficiently represented. Young people are not only the future but also the present.

The Dutch media world always hangs in the same frames. There is denial that real change is needed because the media is ruled by Golden Oldies with a different mindset. Only a brand with the right mission can make this change lasting.

We are young at heart and open minded. We approach it differently. Together with the rest of our team and like-minded people, we will realize innovation and enrichment in the media.

U-ICON is the revolution of new media makers: “The New Generation of the Dutch Media. The Youngsters Era has arrived.”

Managing Director

Creative Director

Director of Content


The essence of U-ICON is joy and fun. We are the media company for Generation Z and Millennials.

We take young people seriously, because we are young ourselves. You pronounce U-ICON as: YOU ICON.

What is important to you? Tell us. We are here for you. You can think and talk with us. We need your support and feedback. We want to build a valuable relationship with you.

Soon we will be looking for new talent and we hope to meet you. Together we will create high-profile, relevant content and media that touches. So that everyone gets to know you.

Can you see it already? Are you: Ready to Rise, Shine & Rock?


Content is our passion, strength and asset. We want to make long-term contact with you. That is why U-ICON develops authentic and eye-catching content with impact and daring. We show the content during our broadcasts. We will not share content secrets. Our content is a surprise.

Think of new formats, sharp journalism, good radio talk shows, series, live and music shows, documentaries, game shows and other programs that are not yet available in the Netherlands. There is plenty of new talent in the Netherlands, but they don’t get a chance. We give new talent a stage.

Are you one of our new presenters or actors? Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for the “U-ICON NXT LVL Auditions”.


We believe in the impossible. We are guided by our outspoken opinion, our vision, mission, decisiveness and positivity! We are convinced that you can achieve everything you really want if you are disciplined. Hard Work Pays Off!

U-ICON will also realize projects that make it possible to improve the well-being of young people. Young people live in the here and now. Will you help?

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