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November 12, 2021 
Authors Chevirio & Anastacija  

Is media renewal needed?


What should be done differently in the media? In this case we are talking about Radio, TV and Journalism. Because there is a lot happening on social media that is fun. In terms of streaming platforms, a lot is happening that is really great and diverse for us young people. 

Although of course not all young people have access to those streaming platforms because many young people and families do not have the money for it. 

Why do we think there is a need for innovation in the media? In the first place because a lot of content is not interesting and relevant. Secondly, because we get tired of seeing and hearing the same people on radio and TV over and over again. 

‘Let us enrich ourselves with our mutual differences.’

Paul Valery

New talent

Our goal is to inspire, in addition to entertainment and infotainment, and to give new talent a stage. There is enough talent in the Netherlands. We want to take our social responsibility and contribute to making our world and society better and more beautiful. 

The Netherlands vs America

We always have to laugh when we read or hear in the media that the three major media companies are talking about forming a joint block against; Netflix, Facebook and Google.

American multinationals have billions, trillions! How can the Netherlands, as a small frog country, compete with this? The richest media companies in the Netherlands cannot even match the budgets of these American multinationals.

That’s really funny. Because no matter how nationalistic we may be, the best comes from America. We adore America. In addition, the Dutch media suffers from a lack of creativity. All content is almost copied from America or other countries.

What does the Dutch media actually do for young people? Mistakes of young people often put the media under a magnifying glass.

Don’t just do it

In the Netherlands we say: “just act normal then you act crazy enough.” No, it’s time to do it differently, time to not just do it. It’s time to create some really good content that many young people are interested in.

Effectively good content that reaches, engages, connects, is accessible and fun for young people. Relevant and distinctive content and journalism is a must. Young people should be given more opportunities in the media to show what they can do.

Media & young people is our mission. We are busy realizing a different media world for young people. Media in which young people are involved and where genuine opportunities are offered. Media innovation is for us numero uno and much needed.

It is necessary to talk much more and take action to break taboos. Have you ever thought about the media topics: ‘renewal and enrichment’?

‘Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.’

Dalai Lama


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