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April 15, 2022 
U-ICON Editorial



Why only in May?

Why only think about racism, discrimination and diversity in May.

Yesterday we read that the NPO will reflect on racism, discrimination and diversity in May. That’s something we really need to think about more often.

Because it happens every day. And they have a nice pot of money to do a little more with that than just raise this issue in May.

We understand very well that George Floyd was murdered in May 2020 because of racism and discrimination. So that’s why this is being done in May?

This is hypocritical media. Young people and others experience this every day. Because of Gender, skin color, origin, and so on.

Plenty of ideas

Wonderful other kinds of programs can be made about racism, discrimination and diversity. That can happen in so many creative ways that creators haven’t made yet.

We have quite a few different programs and formats ready. So if you really can’t figure it out NPO. Mail us & let’s connect.

Because the current mainstream media literally does little or nothing with those totally uninteresting programs that are conceived and produced. That’s why young people can miss that like a toothache. Those programs are not interesting and relevant to us.

17.6 million people

About 17.6 million people live in the Netherlands. And all broadcasters are already very happy with at most a million or fewer viewers. Exceptionally, 1.5 or 2 million people watch. It’s really just sad.

If you’re happy and satisfied with those viewers, you’re basically saying we know we’re making a mess but we’re glad they’re at least watching.

The first television broadcast in the Netherlands was on 2 October 1951 at a quarter past eight from the nts studio in Bussum. That series was about the past, present and future of communication.

Funny that it was about the past, present and future of communication. Because in our opinion, something has changed in terms of productions since then, but not much in terms of internal communication. The media in the Netherlands has been run day in day out for years by people over 50 and 60. How old are some now?

That’s why U-ICON

So they all quietly carry on with old habits, imitating each other and throwing money because advertisers have to spend their money somewhere for their advertisements.

And that pot of money from the NPO is generously supplemented every year with public money and STER money.

Bad or not everyone goes wild with trying out rubbish and making bad programs. The three major media companies are quietly continuing to create all kinds of irrelevant content.

That’s why U-ICON. Just purely to ensure the difference that is not made. Read our Manifesto on our website. Then you know exactly what we mean. Because it couldn’t be any clearer.

‘If you persist, and you persist, and you persist. You will be succesful.’

Dean Cain

Sad but true

Almost all media companies have to deal primarily with gossip about someone else. How long someone else’s misery lasts, the longer they feast and fill their pockets.

Because you have to imagine, almost all the media runs purely on news from someone else. They have nothing else. There is little creativity. All news is mostly negativity. All day long the media is busy with pessimism.

It’s usually about where there is war, who is arguing with each other, who stole, who is stupid, who is dead, who was shot, who should be behind bars and you name it. Nice and cozy everyone.

The news is ruminated all day long by all the media and news companies and daily talk shows. Everyone does the same. All year round.

Of course, media is about news. But the same all day long? It’s just a lot of garbage. That must be said.

Time for renewal

Let’s talk honestly more often, make programs and, above all, do something about topics that are important to young people. “Young people are the present and the future.” The voice of young people is important and necessary.

Yes, we believe it is time for change and innovation.

We know. It’s not easy. Because how are you going to bump into old shit, habituation and all that money from those media companies? Yep, that’s heavy nxt lvl shit.

We’ll let you know more soon. Well, not everything, of course, just a little bit. Because otherwise our idea will be stolen again.

We’ve already experienced that once, been there, done that. So that stealing isn’t going to happen to us anymore.

Have a nice weekend.  

‘Listen to your gut, and do what you love.’  

Dylan Lauren 

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