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March 11, 2022 
Chevirio & Anastacija  

More Patience


We all struggle with this.

Because one says this and the other says that. So sometimes you can’t figure it out. Especially when you are young, because we are tossed about by please-behaviour.

What’s best for you? What is happiness?

You want to work, earn money. But often you don’t really feel like it. You do go and sometimes your head is somewhere else entirely. Totally unfocused, on autopilot.

You come home from school and the first thing your parents usually ask is: do you have homework and then how was your day? That’s the last thing on your mind right now: homework. You just want some rest.

At some point, you will indeed do what you need to do: do your homework or do anything necessary to prepare for the next day. You often realize that you don’t feel like it at all. You don’t feel like anything.

Too much pressure

What do you really want, you sometimes ask yourself. In fact: just don’t have to do anything at all. Just be left alone.

Pressure from school. Pressure from parents, Pressure and stress from everything. Too many expectations that don’t stop. Sometimes you can’t think properly because of all that.

It takes too long

Well, about school, we’ll be clear. You need primary school to develop. For secondary school, four years of preparatory secondary vocational education, five years of senior general secondary school and six years of pre-university education is more than enough.

School could be even shorter. Because after that there is also a more specific training if you still want to earn a little normal money. It takes too long and you learn far too little at school. We notice that every day.

You just see that many teachers have no patience. Not feeling like it and not being nice to students. It’s nice to be taught by nice and kind teachers with spunk and passion, but there are hardly any of them.

How to be happy?

What’s best for us isn’t best for everyone. But when you see how many young people don’t finish school, something is seriously wrong.

We are told every day: Whatever you do, finish your studies and then do what you want. Very exhausting! And yet we certainly will. But it’s really intense. School ruins our mood.

Sad but true

Society, parents, school and government do not understand at all what young people need to be happy. While they were all young too. That’s super weird. Surely they know what they hated and what they liked? Or has their brain crashed?

Being happy is just doing what you want. Be and become what you want. That quickly reminds us of our blog of February 4. Haven’t read it yet? Do that anytime you want. But everything goes on and on, so do we!

Luckily we have U-ICON as a distraction. Because we are there, in the here and now, to make our voices heard that much can and must be done differently.

It’s sad but true, hardly anyone knows how to make someone else happy with their actions. 

‘They say we’re too young to love, but maybe they’re to old to remember.’

Wiz Khalifa

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