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August 5, 2022 
U-ICON Editorial 

Deeply sad


We’re all going to die, you too, Mr. van Rossem. 

It couldn’t be more pathetic. The statements of Maarten van Rossem. We had rated him higher. Since he knows all the miseries of life and history.

He is a Dutch historian, presenter, writer and former professor. He is specialized in United States history and politics. 

Earlier this week, he spoke about the much-discussed Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. He says there is no escape from this talk. And that they can shoot and bury Johnny Depp tomorrow. 

Deeply sad this behavior of this 78 year old man. Why are you still on tv? There are no 78 year old women on a regular basis on TV. What is this old grumbler still doing at the NPO? The NPO, Dutch Public Broadcasting, provides the programs on the public channels.

We all gonna die

We are all going to die mister van Rossem. And your sister just died so we expected a little more empathy and compassion from you. You will leave this face of the earth much sooner than others because you are already old. If we have to talk honestly. 

Or are you unloving and numb for talking like that? Act normal and don’t be such a grunt. It is quite something that you are allowed to appear on TV at all. 

Then Mr. van Rossem also says that he wished there was a ‘delete button’ and would like to instruct evolution to do so. Does this mean we can finally delete you too? “Think good before you talk old man. You can also express your opinion in another way. 

‘Before you judge make sure you are perfect.’

Clint Eastwood 

Unbelievable pathetic

These statements are not okay. Or do you want to shock to stay hot? You often say bad things. But these statements take the cake. We think you can only talk like that if you think you’re better than others. 

Be a gentlemen and don’t be unbelievably pathetic. Why is it necessary to be disrespectful and understanding? Or did you just have a super bad day? Which can. But then you should think more carefully before you speak. 

Since you are specialized in history, you should know that Johnny Depp made history with that lawsuit against Amber Heard. So of course he and that lawsuit get a lot of attention because Amber Heard is a manipulator, liar and she is the abuser not him. You are so smart, Smartest Human. Think before you speak. 

‘Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.’

Kristen Stewart 

Very curious

We are very curious about the reaction of the NPO about your behaviour. Or are they just happy with the attention for clout? Fortunately, you have received a lot of criticism. Because you seem to think you can say anything. 

It takes more than a college education to act normal and talk intellectually. You show us well who you really are, characterless and negative. You are anything but an example. Do something about it and fix it, that mess and rancor in your head. Even through therapy. 

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