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November 26, 2021 
Chevirio & Anastacija  

Superficial and Naive


It is constantly chaos.

We are no longer surprised that we are sent from pillar to post by the government in all kinds of areas. If you look at the state of education in the Netherlands, the allowance affair, young people who roam, etc., we can actually already know that the current government is superficial, naive, knowledgeless, compassionless and leatherless. 

They abolished the technical schools a long time ago, while technology is necessary for society and students who are interested in it. Not everyone wants to work with their head, but many have a gift for working with their hands. Due to the abolition of technical schools, many problems have arisen in these professions.

For example, too many unnecessary changes are being made in all kinds of areas in the Netherlands, which cause a lot of unrest and confusion. It often doesn’t get better but worse. It’s all well intended but it will lead to nothing at all.

Now we have even bigger problems with Covid-19. Where in the beginning people said that it was only a matter of time to get this under control, we now know better. Corona will never go away! We have to learn to live with it. But how? 

‘Happiness is more important than money. But this world is teaching me that if you want to be happy you need money.’

Joeyy Boy


We were not yet planning to discuss this topic of Covid-19 in a blog. But when we heard that 154,000 had tested positive last week, we changed our mind. Because we’re dealing with a silent killer.

The Dutch media is quite silent and neutral on Covid-19, they swallow all information for sweet cake. They take over, beat and publish it obediently. 

Leading with love

We are now led by the government out of fear and money. It is not about instilling fear but about taking the right information from the right people who know what they are talking about.

If you look at countries such as Sweden, Norway, Portugal and China, the Dutch government still has a lot to learn. What is happening in the Netherlands now was not necessary. Those countries are guided by love and health. It’s about intelligence and people’s quality of life, not money. 


Corona can temporarily change your voice. You may not be able to walk temporarily or for a long time. Your taste and smell may disappear temporarily or for a long time. You can be delirious in the night. You can end up in a coma for months due to debilitation.

You’re not strong, you’re not conscious, you can’t concentrate. You feel strange and miserable. You can have no appetite because of Corona, lose a lot of kilos and need weeks or months for recovery. The fever and all the side effects you can get from it can be deadly.

And most importantly: Corona can affect your organs and this can also lead to death. That is honest and clear communication. We have read a few articles that people have experienced this. We think people should be made aware of this on a daily basis without having to experience it.

People can have something among the members that makes Corona worse. Communicate this daily via the media and various languages. So that the symptoms are recognizable every day and are always passed on.

Talking and doing 

It is the government’s responsibility to save human lives through proper communication and actions. We need to talk, talk and talk and do some more!

Giving the important vitamins for free would have been better long ago. Also reminding people that they have to take good care of themselves every day when it comes to food, drink and vitamins, that’s what it’s all about.

Then you are busy with health and care. Especially in this day and age we all need to hear that all the time to really do that. In addition, many people cannot afford vitamins, so take care of these people. People pay a lot of money for health insurance. It would be good if the government included this in the health care package as a daily vitamin boost.

Part of the problem

Yes, everyone has their own responsibility. If you don’t want to vaccinate, don’t do it, you are not obliged to. It is important to accept the phenomena when they are at your door. But then you have to know what they are exactly. And that is not talked about enough every day. As a result, the virus is not taken seriously enough by many.

Corona will never go away. So the question is how do we all deal with it. We can honestly say that we were also against vaccination. We thought our body is capable of healing itself, right?

Why should we get a vaccination? After all the events, articles we’ve read and people we’ve talked to who have been in a coma for 4 months and almost didn’t come back, we changed our mind.

The government’s advice: protect yourself and those around you is not enough. The detailed why is vital.

We all see for ourselves that Corona is not going away anymore. We realize that we all have a super big problem. But we are all part of the problem. The 2G policy will be introduced in all countries. Not nice no! But it is a fact. How do we deal with this individually and collectively?

Scary Mystery

We cannot simply participate in ‘normal’ daily life if we do not get vaccinated. Now that seems to be a big problem for many. But you don’t have to. Because you are not obliged to be vaccinated. You will unfortunately be limited indeed, because you can be a danger to others. Even if you don’t think so yourself.

It is and remains a difficult topic Corona. Yet we think we should all realize that many people around the world have died from this virus. Strong people have also died from it. Not everyone who died had an underlying problem. Corona is a scary and unfathomable mystery.

A school teacher said to one of us: “You don’t vaccinate just for yourself. You do it out of love for your loved ones and your fellow man.” It may be that you are resistant to Corona and the other is not. It may be that you are a carrier and that you unknowingly infect the other with a fatal outcome. What then? Indeed what then? Because this happens every day and we are all responsible for it.

Where is the Leadership?

With everything we are going through now and all the mismanagement we experience, we see that the Netherlands is acting too weak and ignorant. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The Netherlands only needs to look at the countries that have successfully dealt with Covid-19.

Measures cannot suddenly disappear just like that to restore the economy. The virus is still prevalent, so that is asking for even more Corona problems. As a result, the virus unnecessarily claims many human lives.

The Netherlands can learn a lot from those other countries and especially apply it so that they can lead the people with love instead of through the economy. Money is not more important than human lives.

We need a government that is strong and constantly emphasizes the seriousness of the virus instead of showing an indifferent and superficial attitude and communication.

‘Money is important in life. But not more important than people.’


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