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October 28, 2022 
U-ICON Editorial 


Free thinker, free talker and free do-er Kanye West. Actually we should just say and write Ye.

We know. It won’t make him happy if we write his full name, we still have to get used to that abbreviation.  

In the interview with Pierce Morgan, he said that he no longer wants to identify with the slave name Kanye West. Of course he has every right to change his name. He has the right to do and say whatever he pleases.

But the world isn’t quite ready for that yet. The media and the world are unfortunately hypocritical. You can say what you want in a safe environment. But not if everyone can hear it. And that’s hypocritical. Especially when it comes to power and racism, it should be kept behind closed doors. Otherwise you will be canceled and you will no longer be allowed to participate in ‘the game’.

Canceling is hypocritical

Why do you have to be hypocritical? You must be right or left. You have to do this or you have to do that. No, you don’t have to do anything. You just have to be yourself. Say what you want and think. Share your experience and truth if you want that.

No one has to agree with your truth. At least you know immediately who you are dealing with. You can talk respectfully to each other and have an honest conversation. We believe that is what communication is all about. Just talk honestly, without being fake all the time. Keeping communication open is more important than canceling.

Don’t say what others want to hear, but explain your point of view. Making your truth public. Without being canceled immediately. Canceling people is hypocritical and unnecessary. Why do you want to silence others?

‘In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’

George Orwell 


What we appreciate about Ye is that he is honest. Okey he says it a bit crude but it is his truth. He experiences it that way and chooses to talk about it that way. He wants to express himself. They show frustration and explain what is going on inside him. He wants those people it’s about to know what he thinks. Above all, he wants to show that he dares to talk about it.

He does not say it with the fine words that are required of him. But is that necessary? He is an artist, an ICON in many areas, and decides for himself how he wants to talk. A lot of media is always negative when it comes to Ye. He actually knows very well how to play the media. How he drives the media crazy. That they still listen and talk about him for days.

Walk along

The media exaggerates everything and and gives it its own twist. He criticizes white people and black people. He’s a Trump supporter, so what? Is critical of his ex. That’s all his opinion. That makes him the artist and celebrity that he is.

He has a strong opinion. He says and does what he wants. We all have ears and eyes and we decide for ourselves what we do and don’t believe and think.

Hardly anyone says openly and honestly what they really think because nobody wants to be cancelled. It is easier to follow along and not think for yourself. We don’t have to agree at all, we can’t because we are all different.


Ye is a special entrepreneur and an example for many. Especially when it comes to saying what you think. His mental issues are always talked about, because for many his behavior deviates from what they think.

Super hypocritical, because most people do and say really mean things in secret, and so do people in the media who label Ye as dangerous.

He has the guts to say what he wants to say. Mental issues have nothing to do with that, it has more to do with frustrations because you are not treated well.

In addition, his mind is very fast and not everyone can follow him. He just has a different state of mind. He doesn’t believe in history and thinks it’s about now. This actually makes it a lot clearer.

Fake world

He hasn’t lost his mind. He does exactly what he wants and he isn’t afraid to accept the consequences. He is fearless. Not many people can say that or imitate him.

We live in a fake world where we will do anything for likes and go too far to be liked. We have become a click baite world that constantly stimulates negativity.

You have to do and say what people want to hear, otherwise you will be cancelled. Above all, you should not be yourself. The world wants fake. Otherwise you will not be accepted.

‘The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.’

Elvis Presley   


Ye feels misunderstood. He says things that bother him to express himself. He thinks he is entitled to it and expresses himself how he wants. He shares his inner mind. Actually very beautiful. Because he explains a lot.

That has nothing to do with him being crazy. It has to do with misunderstanding in the fake world we live in. The media and business world he moves into, and which is only about making money and about corpses. In the business world, it doesn’t matter who you have to engage or disable to achieve your goal. That’s just how it is in a lot of business.

He stands up for himself. Who else is going to do it for him? He will have to do that himself. Because you are almost always on your own, until you find the solution yourself, you have to do the job yourself. His honesty and sincerity is unparalleled.

What says Ye?

What is Ye actually saying? He says that the Jewish people who run the businesses he is part of are working against him. He talks about important Jewish people in the music, entertainment, fashion and banking business he deals with. That these people are responsible for deals that don’t go through for him. 

Is his way a good strategy? Maybe yes and maybe not. The future will show that. At least he has the balls to do it and teach us about things we knew nothing about. That’s how we look at it. What can you learn from the things he really points out.

They want to weaken what he is saying. You can not dismiss what he is saying. No one dares what he is doing. He is not perfect, but he has remarkable gifts’. He is a family man and is fighting for his family.

‘The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.’

Lao Tzu   

Few Friends

Ye is from a completely different level, a super smart and rich self-made entrepreneur. Yet you see not many people are on his side. If you tell how it is, people turn against you and you only have a few friends.

Erykah Badu, Grant Cardone, Roseanne Barr, Russel Simmons and Damon Dash are famous people who support him openly. 


We respect Ye because he is real and honest. He hides nothing. He has no shame. Something that almost all of us suffer from. Shame is a big problem. Because of shame you can never really be who you really are. Ye is impressive.

He says what he thinks and doesn’t care what others think of his opinion. Is it hurtful what he says? Only if you feel addressed you will find that indeed. Can he say what he is saying about Jewish people?

He says his statements were not about Jewish people in general. He was talking about the business people who oppose him in deals and business. He explained that very clear.

It’s powerful if you worldwide apologize at Pierce Morgan to the people you didn’t mean to hurt. But nothing is said about that. Everybody picks details out what they want to talk about. Ye has more love than people think.


His choice of words is almost always radical and honest. That’s not new. It has worked for the attention it gets. Because attention is what he wants for this situation. It was a madhouse on all media channels in America. His goal had been achieved.

The media loves negativity so much it keeps on writing, tweeting and so on about it for a long time, causing it to escalate more and more. The media milks all negativity double and straight, because in the end they make money with it. 

Reveals the industry

Ye reveals the business industry he is dealing with, That is the reason why he is cancelled. He is not against Jewish people. He says that specific people control the business industry and he doesn’t like that. It is a fact that Ye wants to be understood and is touching with his words. It turns out that his words hit hard.

In any case, his words and actions give a lot of attention and a lot of material to keep the media going for weeks. They give Ye much more power in this way than they think. Ye is a free thinker and a free talker and always will be. He is unscripted. 

They want to eliminate Ye his influence. The reason they won’t keep his name out of their mouths is because they’re trying to control the story about his character.

Power abuse

Do they want to pretend he’s crazy so we don’t listen to him? They enjoy it when everyone drops him. How do you call that? In our view, that is misusing your power. Why would you call on others to cancel someone? 

Ye meant Def Con 3 and not Death Con 3. He explained this. Def Con has 6 levels, The Defense Readiness Condition (DEFCON) is an alert state used by the United States Armed Forces. His intention is to explain something. He is not anti-Semitic.

Unfortunately, everyone wants to hear what they want to hear. Whistle blowers are always cancelled, destroyed or killed. They are harshly punished and silenced.

New interview

Everyone can say what he or she thinks. That is your legal right. Not everyone will be your fan and that’s okay too. We are citizens of the world and we have the right to speak. Whether people understand you is another matter.

Even if they cancel you have to stay who you are and say what you want. Maybe he should give another interview and straighten things out that haven’t been properly understood.

Maybe Ye wanted to be free of all those contracts and did it on purpose? We will read and hear it in the future. What is a fact is that when doors close, other doors open. And you immediately see who your real friends are.

In Drinkchamps, he frankly admits that he is jealous of the Jewish community. Ye wants equality. He wants to show what he thinks is wrong. He just wants a seat at the table. He wants to be accepted.

Fame & Money

We can’t take his ex-partner seriously at all, with her media messages. She will do anything for money and media attention. She uses people to become more famous. If she was still in a relationship with him, she would support him.

He has already brought her the fame, money and the mixed kids she wanted so she’s done with him long ago. She’s probably already looking for her next famous victim. 


It would be humanitarian and more just if the media and all the people who are so hypocritical in this matter take a fairer stance on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Speak about that more. Instead of constantly talking about Ye.

A ‘holy war’ for a holy state conceived by Theodor Herzl a Jewish-Austrian activist and journalist. It was his idea that this Jewish state should be realized in Palestine.

This fierce conflict has destroyed so many people and is still happening. And this is the reason why many are no longer alive. Why are these years of misery being avoided and kept silent by the media and companies worldwide? This is also an important matter about hate to write and talk about more often. Or not?

Especially since the lives of young people are being destroyed by adults.

Communicate better

As Ye himself said: ‘Hurt people hurt people’. That says it all. So instead of condemning we can also help someone with the issue he is dealing with by really listening. We have to name everything honestly in order to help each other.

We all need to communicate better in order to understand each other properly. Just Like Rihanna sings in her new song Lift Me Up : Keep me Safe, We need Light, We need Love.

Anyway Always Speak Up. 

‘Who are you to judge him when he came from nothing. The American dream and you witness it. Shame on America for continuing to kill our leaders, especially our black geniuses. This is not a new thing it’s just a shameful thing.’

Grant Cardone about Ye on IG   

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