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December 9, 2022
U-ICON Editorial

Elon Musk 


Is Elon Musk the savior of Twitter?

Did he save Twitter and all round American democracy? 

He is co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX. And the former owner of Paypal.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, has taken over Twitter. He bought Twitter for $44 billion. He became the owner at the end of October. That’s actually strange because he didn’t have to worry about this at all.

You wonder why? Surely he has more important things to do than deal with something like Twitter?

He actually wanted to withdraw from that deal he made to take over Twitter. Because of course he already saw the mood brewing after that deal. He had been a bit premature and too enthusiastic. Until he got access to all that fake shit.

Instead of dealing with a lawsuit that was filed if he wanted to get out of Twitter’s deal, he stuck with it like a courageous boss. He kept the deal and then the trouble started. 

Fake twitter

Apparently Elon Musk loves truth and honesty. Of course, that’s everything Twitter is not and never has been. All social media are fake, including Twitter. That’s why he started a major cleaning.

First he fired the top, the leaders of Twitter. You should indeed get rid of all the bad apples immediately. Otherwise cleaning cannot take place. You have to grab that infection by the throat and squeeze it shut. Pay what you have to pay and get rid of it.

He is not appreciated for cleaning. All the haters and fakers withdraw from Twitter and don’t wish him anything. 

‘Constantly think about how you could be doing things better. Keep questioning yourself.’

Elon Musk 

Being Fake

Haters and fakers are anything but real. Telling the truth and making it public naturally entails many problems. That’s a fact. Because being honest is simply not done in a lot of business and real life.

Many people and companies make a lot of money with fakeness. Just look at Apple, Nike, Balenciaga and the Kardashians, among others. They are filty rich by being fake.

Being fake is the new normal. And it has been that way for a long time. That’s why Elon Musk is experiencing resistance. What he exposed should not see the light of day and above all should not be known. Darkness and fakeness are key. 

Twitter scandals

Then Elon Musk is the wrong place for you. Because he makes everything public if necessary. He makes public why the advertisements are declining. Why he is being boycotted and by whom. Many would rather see Twitter destroyed than have the truth come to light. Above all, the truth must remain taboo.

A lot of dirt is coming out now. Elon Musk makes public files that no one ever knew about. Information that is very damaging to the reputation of many. 


These crimes against democracy also occur in the Netherlands. Just look at the cases of Bergkamp vs. Arib and the child benefit affair. And there is much, much more that we do not and will never know. This will happen in all countries because real democracy does not exist.

David Icke has been denied entry to the Netherlands and 26 other countries. He was supposed to address an activist group in the Netherlands. The government was not allowed to do that, not even via a video connection. This says enough.

The Netherlands also practices censorship. Why would you kill people’s mouths? It is better that you know what is going on in people’s minds. Or not? 

‘When something is important enough you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.’

Elon Musk 

Twitter files

Files that Elon releases include those of Joe Biden and his son. This shows that they are corrupt. That through the DNC, the Democratic National Committee is the highest governing body of the Democratic Party, they were in control during the elections.

They deliberately kept the truth about Biden’s son’s practices out of the news so that Biden could win the election.

The FBI had weekly agreements with Twitter to monitor various matters. These are all crimes against democracy worldwide.

Apple is boycotting Elon Musk by no longer advertising because Twitter is now a danger to them. Elon knows too much about Apple. Elon has already indicated that if Apple removes Twitter from the App Store, he will produce a phone himself. All very exciting.

Twitter was permanently censoring many people. People were blocked and removed from Twitter due to Covid 19 and the elections. We are curious whether lawsuits will follow now that people know this.

In any case, Elon is done with it and tells it all. We and many others enjoy it. 


We were not a fan of Twitter. Now that Elon Musk is the Big Boss, we are fans of Twitter. Why? Because we are big fans of the truth, of honesty. We love real talk and being true to yourself.

Tell it like it is, be straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Just have courage. Put your money where your mouth is.

Elon Musk is exactly that: Straight to the point and We Love It. It would be good if Twitter became younger and hipper so that more young people discovered the value of Twitter and also made their voices heard more.

We hope that many large companies value truth and honesty and will support Twitter. Elon Musk is trying to make Twitter better. That alone is worth supporting.

We hope that Twitter does not go bankrupt because Elon Musk values the truth and wants to give Twitter a new start. Because that says everything about how the world would work if Twitter does go bankrupt. 


If honesty lasts the longest, we hope this will help Twitter.

It’s always good to hear and read the truth. Then we know how things really work in terms of world news. Real news then dominates instead of fake news on Twitter.

All big tech such as YouTube, Google, Facebook and Apple must be reformed. Their power is too great. Their secrets and their censorship lead to a lot of misery for us, without us realizing it.

We live in a beautiful world, but unfortunately with many terrible people who constantly have their own agenda and only serve themselves.

These people are destroying the world and young people. 

‘Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.’

Elon Musk 

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