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May 27, 2022 
U-ICON Editorial  

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard


This story is unbelievable. 

We have been monitoring this lawsuit daily for the past 6 weeks. Today was the last day.

We were curious about all those stories. We have read a lot in the mainstream media, social media and looked at YouTube channels daily to be completely up to date.

Wow, this has been a tough case. It is very clear who the real perpetrator and abuser is. An awful lot of people have come to testify in this case, which is not normal. It was more intense than any reality TV show ever made.

It’s important to bring these kinds of situations to light so that we can understand and learn from them, and hopefully prevent them from happening in our lives.

What is it about?

Johnny Depp makes a movie in 2011 for which he casts Amber Heard. Johnny Depp makes her more famous in Hollywood. They fall in love during the movie. After a relationship of a few years, he marries Amber Heard. The relationship goes bad and after 15 months they divorce in 2016.

Johnny Depp wants a divorce because he is tired of her tantrums. He tells her that he wants a divorce and she requests the divorce earlier because she knows that he is currently touring America with his band.

The moment she indicates in the media that they are getting a divorce, she also applies for a restraining order. She says that he mistreats her and that this is the reason for the divorce. The day she applies for the restraining order, she also informs the media and appears with bruises on her face.

Johnny Depp wants a divorce in peace and offers her the money she wants. They sign an agreement that they will not talk about each other in the media and respect each other.


In October 2018, she co-wrote an article with ACLU that she is a victim of domestic violence. She doesn’t mention Johnny Depp’s name, but everyone knows it’s about him because of their marriage and the domestic violence.

She pledges to donate 3.5 million of the money from her divorce to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and 3.5 million to the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that champions the freedoms and rights of American citizens. She does this because she is a survivor of domestic violence.

Due to her article in the New York Post, Johnny Depp loses his role in Pirates Of The Caribbean and his role in The Fantastic Beasts. Nobody in Hollywood wants to work with him anymore because of her accusations.

Johnny Depp is suing her for defamation and demands $50 million. He says he never mistreated her, that she hurts his children and family and is a liar. She is making a counterclaim of 100 million because she believes that he is destroying her life through his lawyer on social media. This is what this lawsuit is about.

‘The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it aint going away.’

Elvis Presley


The Depp vs Heard lawsuit starts on April 11, 2022. The last day of the trial is May 27, exactly 6 years after she filed for the restraining order and appeared in the media with bruises.

During the past few weeks many people have come to testify, too many to mention. Even Kate Moss comes to testify because Amber Heard says he pushed her down the stairs. Kate Moss testifies that it is not true.

There are a lot of live tapes and photos being shown during this trial. There are witnesses who say she pooped on his bed because he wanted a divorce. She asks for a lot of money, apartments and cars and he does not meet her demands. Therefore, she takes revenge and wants to destroy him by saying that he mistreated her.

Johnny Depp uses drugs and that has been known for years. She also uses drugs and is addicted to expensive red wine. If you follow the lawsuit you just can’t believe this misery and how it all came to this.

Live stream

Depp vs Heard is already being called the Hollywood lawsuit of the century.

It has never happened in the world that 2 actors who had a relationship so publicly fight a lawsuit that you can stream live. Johnny Depp fought hard to live stream the lawsuit, Amber Heard didn’t want that.

Their entire marriage is widely reported in the all-round media. Many believed her and now that all the evidence is on the table, many are doubting her story. It’s a bizarre and incredible story.

We look at this matter objectively. We look at the evidence and what is being said. The evidence is clear and there’s no getting around it.


During this trial, all the lies are exposed. On many live tapes you can hear that she physically and verbally abused him. She can’t remember anything that doesn’t suit her. She’s aggressive. He is not a saint, he can do something verbally too. But she is fierce, hard and strong and doesn’t seem like a victim.

She has promised to donate the money from her divorce to 2 charities. In a Dutch TV program she said that she has already done that. And this story turns out to be wrong.

Many say she is capable of anything. She lies on TV in 2018 that she donated money and that now appears not to be the case due to the evidence provided in this lawsuit. There is no real evidence of domestic violence. In this lawsuit, they are mainly talking about his drug addiction.

Because of all those lies, a petition has been started in 2020 to write Amber Heard from the movie Aquaman 2 because she destroyed the life of Johnny Depp. The petition stands at 4,404,927 signatures today.

Our opinion

We didn’t know either actor well. Through this lawsuit we got to know them well. She’s a liar. After 6 weeks and the proof, we are convinced of this.

She abused him. She even throws a booze bottle at him which hits his finger and rips his finger top off. He does everything for her. Let her friends live in his apartments for free and take them on trips for which he pays for everything.

He was just too nice to her and let her have her way too much. She’s gone too far. He loved her, she used and abused him. She’s a gold digger. She has brought all this misery upon herself through her lies and jealousy.

#Justice for Johnny Depp

If you’re interested, check it out on YouTube. There is much more going on than we have written. You especially learn from this story how your relationship should not be.

And that you always have to get married on a prenuptial agreement, which means that your property is and remains yours. You know for sure that you are marrying someone who loves you and not what you have.

Johnny Depp is a victim of domestic violence. Men are victims too, not just women. MeToo is abused by many. It’s about justice not about women. We need to see what it’s really like whether it’s a woman or a man.

We think Johnny Depp has already won the lawsuit. Even if he doesn’t get $50 million. He has restored his reputation publicly and for Hollywood, showing its lies to the world.

‘The truth will set you free. But not untill it is finished with you.’

David Wallace

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