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February 25, 2022 
U-ICON Editorial  

Corona Bitch


We’ve probably all had it without even knowing it.

We recently read an interesting article and want to share it with you. Because this old article shows that with a little wisdom things could have been done differently. Apart from all those afterwards reports.

It is strange that all measures are suddenly being lifted. Of course we are happy. But that actually means that the corona crisis should have been handled in a different way by the government long ago. And so now it appears. Vaccines have nothing to do with that.

The policy in the Netherlands, the EU and NATO is unbelievably bad, everyone just does something. Just look at the war in Ukraine. Countries including the Netherlands have had years to solve the gas problem, and that never happened. So we can’t really count on the intelligence of any government whatsoever.

They just don’t speak the language of the people they make suffer. It’s their language and it’s their interests. Our lives are in the hands of people who are not capable of taking care of us and leading our countries to success.

‘If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results.’

Stephen Covey 

We learn nothing

The article we share with you describes that we learn nothing from the previous pandemics. This is an article from March 18, 2020, which is now almost 2 years ago.

It says we forget the lessons of the past. This is incomprehensible to us. This indicates ignorance and unprofessional behavior of leaders. In fact, government leaders, are the biggest corona bitches. We hope they are well awake now.

Isn’t that the job of government leaders? To be aware and to investigate well, or to have it investigated and in any case to learn from the past how best to tackle and solve a pandemic. So that people are better protected. With all that age-old knowledge, they still can’t. That is real mind-blowing!

Most importantly, they didn’t do it right at all. The article tells important things. Let’s take a look at 2 important points for us: 1. Be honest and don’t obscure things. Well that’s something that’s been done constantly. Not communicating honestly and clearly is a major disaster of this corona crisis.

Due to miscommunication, too little communication and mismanagement, many people have died unnecessarily. 2. That closing borders against infectious diseases does not work. So actually that a large part of the economy in the Netherlands and in the world is unnecessarily screwed up is terrible and unreal.

We are curious what you think of the article. We think it’s a good article.

We’ll keep it short. The link to the article is below. We appreciate it if you share the blog to inspire, if you want to of course. Enjoy reading!

Link: https://businessam.be/hoe-gevaarlijk-kan-een-pandemie-worden/

‘A bad system will beat a good person every time.’

W. Edwards Deming


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