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March 10, 2023 
U-ICON Editorial 

Chris Rock


Chris Rock’s power is comedy. 

Finally! It was about time he responded. 

Chris Rock is 58 years old, he was born on February 7, 1965. He is an American comedian, actor, screenwriter, film director, film television and film producer.

He has 2 daughters and is divorced. He must pay his wife alimony for life because he had not made any adjustments to the marriage agreement.

Their divorce lasted 2 years and he had overlooked that article, so it was not updated in time. 


At the 2022 Academy Awards, he made a joke about the baldness of Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

At first Will Smith laughed. Until he saw his wife Jada’s reaction.

He stormed onto the stage and punched Chris Rock hard in the face. Walked away and shouted at Chris as he sat next to his wife again.

Chris Rock didn’t immediately show his anger, causing many to think it was part of the show and a joke.

The punch was no joke.

Chris Rock continued to present the Academy Awards very professionally that evening. That was beyond just art the way he dealt with it.

Will Smith has been banned from the Oscars for 10 years due to this incident. 

Jada & Will

Chris Rock did not openly comment on the incident.

Will Smith apologized online. Chris Rock remained silent.

Jada Pinkett had said she hoped things would work out between the two of them.

People were mad at Jada because they felt she was the cause of this whole situation.

Many feel that she has been embarrassing Will Smith for years by openly admitting that she still loves Tupac Shakur and was also in a relationship with a friend of her son who is 21 years younger.

Jada has to put up with a lot online from people who think she is not suitable for Will Smith and keeps embarrassing him. They also think she is a narcissist and a bad mother.

Is Jada Pinkett shameless and disrespectful? Doesn’t she take responsibility? 


This incident will always stick with them. When Will Smith thinks about his Oscar for King Richard, he will probably always think about this incident with Chris Rock.

Things don’t work out anymore between Chris Rock and Will Smith. The person who gave the blow wants to make amends. But the person who received the blow will have a lot of difficulty in forgiving and forgetting.

Will Smith personally apologized to Chris online.

Cares more about appearances and restoring his image than actually expressing remorse to Chris?

It’s a big deal to get hit at an award show like that. That even bothers you. 

‘Truth never damages a cause that is just.’

Mahatma Gandhi  

Selective Outrage

On March 6, 2023, Chris Rock took revenge. After 1 year. Patience is master.

Chris completely exposed himself through the Netflix Special “Selective Outrage”.

He said that in 2016, Jada told him not to host the Academy Awards because her husband was not nominated. He already explained that it is work. Why wouldn’t he take that job? Because she says so and wants to?

From that moment on, Jada said he had issues with him.

He said he couldn’t believe Will Smith did this to the person he respected so much.

He thinks that that blow he got from Will, Will should have given to others.

He said that he got all the anger because she cheated and that many online called him a bitch because his wife bossed him around and cheated on him. He says Will took his own frustration out on him. 


Chris Rock wondered why two talented people would start talking online about one of the partners cheating.

He didn’t understand why they did that, what’s the point of interviewing each other about such a private situation that is nobody’s business. To be honest, we don’t understand that either. But apparently everything is good enough for likes and clicks.

He also explained that he would never just talk about this incident if they had not brought up this story online. 


It’s super obvious that this comedy special was an outlet for Chris Rock.

He was furious, perhaps still is.

Chris had held this in for so long. You could tell from everything that this had to come out.

He has never said the word bitch so many times in a row before.

Will Smith had humiliated him almost a year ago, on March 28, 2022.

Chris was breathing fire. You felt his energy and saw his frustration.

It was now payback time.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett definitely felt this. They probably didn’t expect to be confronted with this again after a year.

‘There is a price to pay for telling the truth. There is a bigger price for living a lie .’

Cornel West


The reason for the blow was the GI Jane prank. The movie that Demi Moore shaved her hair for. It turned out that Jada has a hair disease. Chris said afterwards that he didn’t know.

After the blow, Will Smith shouted twice at Chris to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth. Chris said he would.

During his show on March 4, 2023, he never mentioned her name. He referred to her by saying her, his wife or bitch.

He kept his promise: he would keep her name out of his mouth. That was brilliant. 


Chris rock says everyone is full of shit.

In his comedy special Selective Outrage Chris Rock says R.I.P. to wokeness, fakeness, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett in his Netflix Special.

He lashes out at Meghan Markle, cancel culture, women who live off men’s money and more.

He talks about selective outrage, because people consciously choose what they are outraged about. He’s talking about people not being honest and fooling themselves.

He says people are sad about things that aren’t sad.

He gives many examples of how fake people are. That people just talk and don’t actually believe and do what they say. They talk for the sake of talking.

Basically he says: ‘That we lead a lying existence. We deceive ourselves about who we really are’. Many run away from the truth. Lose themselves in deception.

Chris Rock is right. Nepotism and deceit are a fact.

Fakeness has been well established in society for a long time. Authenticity is very hard to find. 


Will Smit please: just take it like a man.

Will’s action now has a fair reaction.

Chris Rock tells the hard truth in his show.

One thing we disagree with Chris is the comparison he makes between R. Kelly & Michael Jackson: You absolutely cannot compare Michael Jackson with R. Kelly.

Michael Jackson is innocent R. Kelly is not. Michael Jackson was deliberately extorted for money through lawsuits.

The Selective Outrage special lasts 110 minutes. Chris talked about other topics for longer than about Will & Jada. 

Deal with it

Chris Rock receives an amount of 40 million for his Netflix specials. This was a deal before he was beaten by Will.

There is little chance that this will help with coping with that blow.

Comedians use their pain. Chris is a genius and a special artist. He said what he said and did what he did.

Hello wake up! It’s comedy. Check: Chris Rock

He responds the way he wants and feels. He is entitled to that. We didn’t get that blow, so we can’t judge it at all.

It’s his show. Deal with it. Or don’t watch or listen to it.

Chris Rock is the realest. 

‘The price you pay for being powerful and being rich is to be hated.’

Malcolm Muggeridge 

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