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October 1, 2021
Chevirio & Anastacija  

In Loving Memory Of Aloysius 


Life is too intense.

We are very sad. Unfortunately, a very important team member, coach, mentor and very dear loved one of ours is no longer there. We are devastated. It is indescribable and unreal. We are confused and do not understand.

This is the last thing we ever expected. It was very sudden and is too bizarre for us to believe. We had so many plans with each other and the team. He was a very important person to us and U-ICON.

He inspired us and taught us a lot. He was sweet, attentive, loyal, articulate, tough, empathetic and tactical. He never meant to hurt but said what needed to be said.

He was a very special people person. We really needed him in our lives. Together we were super strong and invincible.

He had such a beautiful mind and was so nice. Everyone loved him. Simply because he valued everyone and saw the best in everyone. Negativity was a no go. He was a positive Sweetheart. 

‘Appreciate every moment, you never know when it’s the last moment.’

Allan Lazar  

A true artist 

He was a true artist. He could do everything. He was very intellectual and knowledgeable about everything. He read a lot and was always busy discovering new things. He told us about everything and we were always surprised that he knew that too.

He taught us a lot, he talked to us a lot and always lovingly. But he also corrected us to become the best version of ourselves. He loved us very much.

We will never forget our outings and vacations with him. We always had a great time together. He was a true friend. We will miss his company dearly. 

Brilliant & musical 

He was spiritual and a brilliant teacher. He always wanted to share his knowledge and teach you something. Unfortunately, we never said that and much more. We thought we had a lot more time to talk, laugh and enjoy. That was a big mistake.

He was so musical. His favorite music was Jazz music. Miles Davis was a favorite, but he liked many more jazz artists. He had a very nice and large collection of CDs and records of the greatest jazz music sides.

He enjoyed jamming and his many instruments, all of which he could play. We have lost a multi multi talent from whom we had to learn a lot more.

We can’t believe we’ll never hear him talk and laugh again. We will miss his humor and jokes. We can no longer eat, chill and so much more together. Wow, it’s so unreal and unbelievable. 

‘Always treat people kindly and appreciate them. You never know if it’s your last day or their’s.’

Monica J. Yader

Appreciate each other

We learned a hard and big lesson from this great loss. Often we appreciate each other but we don’t say it. We talk too little about what we really think and feel. It is important to say it to each other much more often.

Obviously, we need to appreciate all the little things and the people in our lives more. There are certain people who make an unforgettable impression on you and are special in your life. He was such a person. Aloysius had the magic to touch everyone in a certain way.

He had a heavy charisma, excellent communication and a lot of love for people. We thought we could enjoy that much longer. Unfortunately that was not to be the case.

We’ve known him since we were born, so it’s going to take some time to process that. He was always there for us and was very proud of us. He often said that to us. He taught us to appreciate others without us realizing it. 

Give Flowers while living

He appreciated everyone and had a loving chat with everyone. You always learned something from him, that was nice about him. We will never forget him and honor him in various ways that we know he would enjoy and appreciate.

We’ve come to realize that we need to celebrate life much more often with the people we love when they’re alive. Say what we want to say, daily or weekly.

We should not wait to express feelings, otherwise it may be too late. ‘Give people flowers while they are still alive and they can smell them.’ 

Love You Forever

Thank you for everything Dear Aloysius. You are a huge loss to everyone you knew. You are irreplaceable in everything. We will never never forget you. You are a legend to us. We love you forever. Watch over us. Namaste.

Finally, we end with what he always said: “Don’t judge, you don’t know what it is. Let go and focus on yourself.” 


Esther Earl

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