December 24, 2021 
Authors: Chevirio & Anastacija  

Making the difference


Why are we writing these blogs? We have already described this a few times in different blogs. Yet we want to repeat it again. We write these blogs because it is time for daily change in the mainstream media.

Making a difference is necessary in the media. Because young people, innovation, enrichment and diversity are urgently needed on a daily basis.

We will be working with interesting parties. Making a difference together in the field of young talent, relevant content and sponsoring.

Of course we need you, so that we can all contribute to this together. Because we’re not there yet. We know that. But we do know that we will make it. Life is all about teamwork to achieve goals.

We have met nice people that we will work with. We already introduce a Topper to you: Sharissa Smith. Welcome to our team Sharissa. We are excited!

‘The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.’

Phil Jackson

Getting the best out of each other

Our team gets the best out of each other every day. Our team goal is that we work together successfully, learn a lot from each other, treat each other with understanding and respect. Even if you sometimes want to stick someone behind the wallpaper or concrete.

‘The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.’

Margaret Carthy

Soon we will finally start with U-ICON Radio. We are still working on important points together.

Content to inspire, enrich and entertain is our passion. We want to make the lives of young people and the world more beautiful . Help and lift each other up.

It’s hard to wait to introduce our new talents and share our content with the world. We count on your feedback as soon as we share our content.

Wishing you all the best always

Our wish is that we all learn more and more from each other every day, be nice and stay nice to each other. That we appreciate each other more and especially make more time for the people we love.

That we all realize that we actually form a team wherever we are. At home, at work, at school and with friends. The most beautiful thing in life is Love & Friendship. Not sweet but a fact.

You can’t be friends with everyone and you don’t have to be. We don’t always have to agree. It would be good to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Finally, all that remains for us is to wish you, our team, loved ones and day ones all the best and happy days. Not just for the new year but Always in Life.

‘Be Happy, Stay Healthy & Safe.’

Chevirio & Anastacija 

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