We are a brand with a mission that wants to make a difference. U-ICON Network is the new Generation of Media Makers. Pronunciation: YOU ICON.

Do you also think that there are still many taboos to be broken in the mainstream Dutch media? We want to break that.

We are liberal and progressive. Our media company attaches great importance to innovation, sustainability and being social. U-ICON does not think in boxes and is a passionate change maker. We go Beyond Media.

Much can be done differently and must be improved. We believe that the Dutch media and society should collectively break free of old thinking patterns and reflexes.

We will not mince words and will enter into a dialogue. U-ICON is the revolution of new media makers. Our goal is to make lasting change.

We want to improve the Dutch media in an innovative way through authentic content on Radio, TV and Online. U-ICON is a relevant media company for young people. We will ensure more diversity and inclusiveness in the media. Will you join us?


The mission of U-ICON is to make a positive impact on young people and the world through inspiration, entertainment and infotainment. We achieve this through authentic, critical, groundbreaking and high-quality content.

We are a media company for young people by young people. Giving new talent a stage is important and necessary. We always see and hear the same people. By bringing together reach, sales and events, U-ICON wants to realize innovation and enrichment with fans, sponsors and advertisers.


U-ICON operates with impact, decisiveness and in harmony with society. We will make a difference in the media because we are a media company where creativity, entertainment, art, culture and innovation are the foundation.

If you consciously listen and speak you can bridge the distance, only then can you really connect. Everyone has the need to belong somewhere. Many want to be seen and heard. We see and hear them. It’s time to break down barriers.

New Talent always gets the chance to shine and rock with our broadcaster by presenting, acting and directing. Passion, fun and events with unique content are a big part of U-ICON.

We think, act and work differently. We create new possibilities and insights to combine and stimulate innovation. As a game changer, we make diversity and inclusivity a reality in the Dutch media.

The success of our media company stands or falls with the quality and diversity of our people. We invest in a culture of continuous improvement. We cherish differences, do not exclude and offer equal opportunities.

We value sincere and lasting relationships with which we enter into a transparent and open dialogue with each other. We work together passionately and authentically to achieve results that exceed expectations.


  • The U stands for You
  • The U also stands for Unity 
  • Icon stands for the fact that anyone can become an icon. With hard work, belief in yourself and determination you can achieve anything you want


“Always Believe in Yourself”


U-ICON targets Generation Z and Millennials. Our core target group is 16 – 35 years old. Of course we just love all people and we like to bring them together.

We develop content with young creatives, based on your experience. And we want to inspire you to make your voice heard. We need to talk much more and take action to break taboos.


  • Respect
  • Freedom
  • Connection


We think it is logical and very important to take our social responsibility and do our part to make our world better and more beautiful. Do you think that’s important too?

U-ICON stands for unity. Unity is equality. Because all people are of equal value. So everyone should be treated equally.

We are committed to (mental) health, the environment, nature, poverty reduction, children’s and youth rights, women’s rights and anti-racism.

Whether you feel at home depends not only on how you assess yourself, but also on the environment in which you live, go to school and work. An inclusive society starts with equality and diversity.

Equality, diversity and inclusiveness are unfortunately still difficult aspects for many people. The right mindset, environmental awareness, social awareness and self-awareness are required for this. Have you ever thought about that?

In any case, U-ICON makes no distinction. We are here for you.

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