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About us

50.000 Members

Are you READY for the First Lit URBAN TV Broadcaster of the Netherlands? To achieve this, we need at least 50.000 members. But … We want to recruit 150.000 members. So we immediately get a permanent place to regularly show our Super Top Content. Make your voice heard! Support us! If not Now then When?


The purpose of U-ICON is to realize media offering with renewal and enrichment.

Mission U-ICON

The mission of U-ICON is to inspire, empower and to raise awareness. Change only takes place if you do something.

Vision U-ICON

It is our dream and ambition to build a high-end and Next Level media company with impact. Where New Top Talent also has the opportunity to Shine by presenting, acting, directing and also producing. And… where of course Top Content is made. Let’s go!

Core values

  • Respect
  • Multicultural
  • Connectedness

Meaning U-ICON

  1. The U stands for You ( U )
  2. The U also stands for Unity
  3. And… the U stands for Urban
  4. We believe that you can do everything you want, if you work hard, and that everyone is an ICON

Target audience

We focus on a Broad and Young Audience of 14-35 years. We love all people and are happy to bring them together.

Mostly we want to inspire and motivate young people to make their voices heard more and to take matters into their own hands. ACT Now!

U-ICON stands for unity. Unity is equality. All people are of equal value and must be treated equally. So: U-ICON is there for you!

 It’s time for CHANGE. Support us!
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